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December 14th 2015 10:54

Flooding contaminates drinking water

Flood Water ContaminationWith the devastation caused by the current flooding in Ireland it is important to ensure you check your drinking water to ensure it is safe. Ground water levels are at extremely high levels and with flood waters leaking into drinking water wells contamination is possible.

During and after flooding, water can become contaminated with micro bacteria such as E Coli & Clostridia, sewage, agricultural or industrial waste, chemicals and other substances that can cause serious

Signs that your drinking water could be contaminated include:

  • The well was is located near flooding or is covered by floodwaters
  • You notice a change in the colour, odour or taste of the water

Drinking Water Test Kit

Until a water test confirms that the water is safe, get water from a known safe source or boil for 1 minute to use for drinking, cooking, making juice or ice, washing fruit and vegetables & brushing teeth.

Fitz Scientific offer a drinking water testing service to indicate if your drinking water is safe. To order bottles for your drinking water test please contact Fitz Scientific on 041 98 45440 or email


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