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February 1st 2017 16:09

Lower limits of detection with new ICP MS

Metals analysis on waterFollowing the recent installation of a new ICP MS instrument, Fitz Scientific are delighted to offer lower limits of detection on the analysis of many metals. The installation of the Agilent 7900 is in addition to the current operational ICP MS & ICP OES instruments and allows for increased capacity on lab testing.

Following a thorough assessment by UKAS of the in house method of analysis of potable water, the scope of accreditation now covers many of the metals tested on this instrument.

The following limits of detection are now available for potable water:

Metal  Limit of Detection (ug/L)
Aluminium 3
Arsenic 1
Cadmium 0.1
Chromium 1
Cobalt 1
Copper 1 (mg/l)
Tin 1
Manganese 1
Nickel 1
Lead 1
Zinc 2

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