Agricultural Soil Testing

GLAS agricultural soil testing
Fitz Scientific offer agricultural soil testing accredited by the Department of Agriculture in Ireland. Before creating your GLAS Nutrient Management Plan, ensue to have your soil tested by an independant laboratory.

The soil suites on offer include

  • Soil Testing - P, K, lime, nutrients, metals, nitrogen and organics
  • Available Phosphate, Exchangeable Potassium
  • Slurry Analysis
  • Fast turnaround time

We also provide the following to Farmers Nationwide;

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Well Water Analysis
  • Effluent Water Analysis 
  • Sludge Analysis
  • Forage Testing
  • Quality of Silage - Dry Matter & pH
  • Compost Analysis, including AT4 testing
  • Soil Organic matter testing for Tillage

In order to take a good representative sample of the soil on your land we recommend following the correct soil sampling guidelines in our How to Take a Soil Sample section.

For more information, free soil containers, a chain of custody form or soil price list contact one of the team today on 041 98 45440 ext-1,

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