Trace Elements

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Fitz scientific have been providing field and analytical services to the agricultural community for over a decade.

We are the number one name for competitive soil testing, with the added bonus of fast turnaround times and free sample containers.

We provide clients with the full spectrum of soil tests from soil organic matter and lime to the following trace elements;

  • Available Phosphate
  • Exchangeable Potassium  
  • Exchangeable Magnesium
  • Total Cobalt
  • Total Manganese
  • Total Zinc
  • Total Copper  
  • Available Boron
  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
  • Molybdenum (can effect lime requirement by up to 7.5t/ha)

There are many more parameters we have on offer, to find out more simply contact us today and one of our team will be happy to assist on- 041 98 45440 ext-1.

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